Toddlers are to Hurricanes…

Good Morning, Everyone!

This morning as I sit here with my coffee and attempt to wake up enough to really open my eyeballs, I look across my dining room table, kitchen counters, and floors and realize to myself, “Your house is disgusting. You need to clean. Like, really clean. Deep clean this bitch.” (I don’t always cuss…but when I do, stuff is getting real.)

Yeah, and how?

I seriously have no idea how I manage to get the basics done every day with a toddler, let alone anything else. I feel oh-so-accomplished when I’m able to get a bed made and some laundry washed these days. I know it won’t last forever because he will only be this little once, and for such a short time. I try so hard to embrace every moment of his tiny life, and we spend nearly all day playing with toys and learning and exploring. But being that I’ve got some pretty severe OCD when it comes to cleaning and organization, I’m in the middle of a meltdown this morning. This disorganization and mess is killing me.

I could clean when he naps, but there’s never truly a set amount of time when he goes down for his daily nap – that is, if I can get him to these days. Lately he’s been doing everything possible to fight nap time. Ah, the 17 month old stage. And normally, I spend that time cooking and doing the bare minimum basics.

And have you noticed how absolutely pointless it is to clean with a toddler in the house? Forgeddaboudit. This child is akin to a hurricane. He watches and waits for me to clean something, and then blows through without warning, terrorizing everything in his path at Cat 5 strength, leaving a bigger mess than the one I had just cleaned before it. He’s lucky he’s the cutest baby ever and that I love him so much. Gosh, do I love him. He’s my heart.

I really think its time to hire a maid. I’m so serious. Because this messy nonsense isn’t gonna cut it anymore. I never believed in maids or hiring help for cleaning. I always thought that was the lady of the house’s job; that I could be superwoman and get it all done. I humbly recant that thought and realize that sometimes, help is okay. I need it. Gonna talk to the husband this weekend about it.

As for now, I will do my best to whip the aftermath of Hurricane Richi into shape. Anyone else struggle with finding time to clean with a toddler? I want to hear about it. Have any tips? Give me tips! All of them!

I seriously don’t know how I ever did it with 2 toddlers under 2 at one point in time. Oh, Lord!

Here’s to a great day for everyone. Enjoy some strong coffee – I know I will!





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