Crazy Things Moms Do

Good Wednesday Morning, Friends!


This post is going to resonate all too well with some of you lovely ladies out there. I know it has for me.

This morning was one of those mornings where my coffee spilled all over my carpet, and I was in a rush to get out the front door to my daughters new high school to fill out her schedule. I was running behind (way behind, as I just couldn’t kick my butt into gear this morning) and by the time I put my shoes on to leave, I realized I had two different shoes on.

Seriously? Seriously.

This has never even happened to me before. I have been in some pretty stressful morning situations, and I’ve yet to wear two completely different shoes until today. They didn’t even look remotely similar. I had one black and purple Nike sneaker, and one grey and plaid Converse. Like, how?

In my own defense, I think I was worried about the fact that the baby had his juice box while running through the living room (a huge no for me, as I’m always terrified of him choking on the straw) but he was also spewing juice up and out of the straw all over the floor at the same time, and thus I was worried about him slipping and falling (we have shiny tile floors, mind you). So, while deciding which pair to wear, I remember jumping up and running to catch him and the rest is history.

Once I realized it, I had to take a picture of this monstrosity. I laughed, because I realized it before I actually left the house this way. Thank goodness.

This brought me to the realization that I’ve done stuff like this, but not quite the same, before.

For example, there have been times where I’ve put mascara on one eye and not the other, or eyeliner on one eye and forgot the other, or even (I think this one takes the cake) done one eyebrow and not the other. Being that I don’t have natural brows, this was terrifying looking even to me.

I guess as moms, we sometimes get so busy and preoccupied with life that we just place ourselves on the back burner, and in turn it looks crazy to everyone else.

Ah, well.

The crazy things we as moms sometimes do.




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