Gobi: A Little Dog With a Big Heart – Book Review


Gobi: A Little Dog With a Big Heart is a brand new children’s book that paints the strong picture of perseverance, courage, and triumph. Written by Dion Leonard and beautifully illustrated by Lisa Manuzak, this story is sure to warm the heart of all who read it.

When Dion Leonard ran one of the longest, most trying races through the Gobi Desert – 7 days, 155 miles, to be exact – he had no idea that he would find the truest form of friendship in man’s best friend. On day two of the race, a small dog approached him from out of what seemed like nowhere, and from there, a friendship was forged and would come to last forever.

Through rough terrain and even through high river waters, Gobi (which was what the dog would be called after their meeting in the Gobi desert) and Dion Leonard were inseparable. It was when Dion noticed Gobi had been left behind on the river banks and went back for him that he knew they’d be forever friends.

This book is beautifully illustrated and well told in a manner even young children can understand. The book is specifically written for those 4-8 years old, however I believe adults and children of all ages could very much enjoy this story. There is, however, a longer version with more detail for those interested (pictured below). This longer version is for those 8-12 years old, roughly, and adults as well.




The purpose of the book is to show perseverance, friendship, love and to never give up on those you love – and I think these are valuable lessons everyone can appreciate. I will continue to read this book time and time again to my little guy because I love that this is a true story, for one, and the love behind the story is immeasurable. Like a parents love for their child, so is the love between Dion and Gobi.

About the Author


Dion Leonard is a 41-year-old Australian who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with his wife Lucja. Dion has not only completed but competed in some of the world’s toughest ultra marathons across the planet’s most inhospitable landscapes. This includes running across the brutal Moroccan Sahara desert twice in the 250km Marathon Des Sables and also twice across South Africa’s Kalahari Desert, also 250km. Dion’s latest 250km race across the Gobi Desert in China turned out to be a completely different race, where he fell in love with a stray dog (later named Gobi) that followed him during the week and who would change both of their lives forever.

Follow Dion and Gobi on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and at www.findinggobi.com.

Pre-order Gobi: A Little Dog With a Big Heart (picture book) and Finding Gobi: The True Story of One Little Dog’s Big Journey (Young Reader’s Edition) from Thomas Nelson today. Both titles will be available for purchase wherever books are sold on August 29, 2017.


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