Unconventional Ways to Keep Kids Entertained Over Summer Break

As summer break approaches it’s end, most of us with multiple children are ready, waiting, and excited for school to show it’s face yet again. I know I certainly am. I legit have a countdown app on my phone detailing the exact amount of days, hours, minutes, and seconds until school begins again. #NoShame

I have begun, at this point, running out of options when it comes to keeping the kids entertained. That is, options of the typical sorts. TV, playing basketball outside, snack time, going to the library, movies, and doing their regular chores has become boring not only to them, but to me as well

Here are some different ways to get the kids involved and engaged in activities that the whole family can do – at least, for the most part.

Have Them Sock Sort

You know that basket of mismatched socks that’s been sitting unsorted forever? Well, now it doesn’t have to anymore, because you can simply have the little ones sit and sort them and make matches out of them. They love it, its sort of similar to playing a match making card game. Plus, hey, you get all those socks taken care of. And whatever socks I can’t seem to find matches for at that point get chucked into the trash or upcycled into cleaning rags.

Have Them Write a Story

This is a fun way to get their creativity flowing, keep their minds sharp, and gives them something fun to do. It’s also a lot of fun for the moms and dads to read! You can help small children write theirs while older children can just go to town.

Finger Knitting

Let’s be honest, this is more for the girls – but maybe you have a boy who likes to get a bit crafty, so give this one a go for all of the kids. It’s a simple form of knitting that does not require needles, so it’s a safe alternative. All you need is a ball of yarn and your hands! Youtube has lots of great finger knitting videos to teach you how.

Make a Kite Together

What better way to spend family time together than to make a kite together? Build and decorate it as a family and you can all take turns flying it on a blustery day. If you’re clueless about building a kite, there are many tutorials available online to give you the how-to in simple terms.

Go Hiking

Getting outside and enjoying nature just can’t be beat – especially in the summer. But, be sure to bring lots of water and power snacks like dried fruit and granola to keep your energy levels up and to stay hydrated! Scout out some nature trails in your area by visiting your local State Park website.

Make a Family Bucket List

This is a fun one to make as a family. This is basically a list of things you’d like to accomplish, do, or go together as a family before all the birds fly the coop. None of us mamas want to think about that dreadful day, I know. But, it will eventually come. This is a fun way to build memories, learn more about what your kids goals are, and enjoy some family time together.

Plot Want-To-Travel-To Destinations on a Map

Break out that old road map or world map you’ve had sitting in the attic forever, get some multi colored push pins, and grab a cork board and have a blast! Assign colors to each person in the house, and they can push their pins into the map on the cork board for the different locations they would like to travel. Compare each others locations and discuss why it would be fun or important for them to visit that destination.

Play a Cleaning Game

Play a cleaning game! Set a timer and designate different chores for the kids to do in that allowed amount of time. If they complete all of their tasks, reward them with a yummy snack! And if they don’t, well, snack time anyways! Cleaning is hard work.

Write a Song Together

This is something my husband and I used to do frequently. He plays the guitar like a boss, so this was always something fun that we enjoyed very much. I think it would be cool to get the kids in on it too! It’s been a while, because his work schedule and my schedule is always jam packed. We haven’t had much time together as of late. But, when we do, this is a great idea.

Create a Photo Compilation

Have each child and yourself included take a photo of something they really love. Print them out, put them in a collage frame, and hang it in the living room for everyone to enjoy!

These are just a few unconventional ways to enjoy the remainder of summer break and keep kids busy. If you have any thoughts to add, feel free in a comment! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and can put some of these ideas to use.




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