Life as a Mom to a Type 1 Diabetic


When I had children, I never expected that any of them would one day be diagnosed as a Diabetic. I mean, if I had really entertained the possibility, I suppose the notion wouldn’t seem so far fetched as there is a plethora of Diabetes (Type 1 and 2) to go around within my family. Having a sister with T1D, a father with Type 2, and grandfathers with both types, aside from being Type 2 pre-diabetic myself the possibility was very real. But, you don’t really think about all of that unless it happens to you.

Life over the past couple of weeks has changed drastically. Since we got his diagnosis on July 31st, it’s like life has been flipped completely upside down up until this point. There has been loads of stress, coupled with appointments, and much learning throughout the process. I have given myself time to absorb the reality of the situation, and I think I’ve made peace with it. It’s nothing any of us wanted to deal with, but here we are. We have learned to begin living in our new alternate reality. Is it easy? Never. It’s not even gotten to the point where it’s the slightest bit pleasant yet. But, it is what it is – and we are all doing the best we can to cope.

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Breastfeeding Essentials I Can’t Live Without

Breastfeeding mamas, or soon to be mamas: Listen up. This post is for you!

As a breast feeding mama myself, I love to share what works for me, and what makes my life easier. I wanted to take a few quick minutes while I was thinking of it to share some of my current breast feeding essentials and favorites with all of you – and I am sharing direct links to where you can purchase these products on the cheap. I promise you, I would never mislead you for the sake of making a quick advertising buck. I use these products myself and I can attest the fact that they work, and they make my life easier.

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Important Life Update and MIA Status – Here’s Why

Hello Everyone, and Good Morning.

This past week has been one of the most chaotic in recent history for us here in the McCormick household. Monday, I took my son Marcus to the doctor because he hadn’t been feeling well. After they performed a urine test and finger poke test, it was confirmed he was a full  blown diabetic. I was in shock. I suppose I shouldn’t have been, because he has been drinking over a gallon of water a day, peeing constantly, dropping weight and more for at least a few weeks now, and sleeping almost constantly. Granted, I really did believe the sleeping portion was age related but nonetheless.

They immediately sent us over to the children’s hospital because his numbers were quite literally off the charts. The glucose meter was reading HHH, which apparently means his sugar was over 300, and the urine test was showing large amounts of sugar and ketones in the urine. I made a quick stop at home, grabbed a couple things and flew to the hospital.

We got there and he was evaluated in the ER, and after more testing (blood work) was done, the ER doctor told us he would be admitted to the PICU – Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. He was in Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) and essentially, his body was eating itself and attacking itself. This is the end biggest emergency for diabetics, and can lead to coma and death of not treated immediately. 

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