There’s Still Good Left in the World: Faith In Humanity Restored

Contrary to popular belief, I learned today that there is still good left in the world.

I am usually just about as positive as can be, but when it comes to believing in mankind, my faith is definitely wavering as of late. It seems like every time I turn on the TV or witness people just out and about in public, it confirms my theory that as a general rule, most people are just a bunch of jerks.

But today, my faith in humanity was restored.

I stopped in to the brand new Aldi as it just opened up, and I was so happy with all the prices. I had never been in an Aldi before. Halfway through our shopping trip, a sweet lady came up to me and said, “Here, honey. You have mouths to feed. You can have my coupon.” She gave it to me, it was a $5 off a $30 purchase in store. I was so happy. I thanked her and went about my way.

Later in the day, I stopped by my favorite grocery store because I wasn’t about to buy my meat from Aldi, as I hadn’t researched the brands they have and whether the quality was as good as my usual supermarket. When I came outside and loaded the car up, and got the baby strapped into his car seat and ready to go, I sat in my seat to attempt to start my car as usual. And of course, it didn’t start.

My battery was dead.

A man came up and offered to help jump the car. I accepted the help because it was a blazing 99 degrees outside and it was hot. I got everything unloaded from the trunk to find my jumper cables, and realized the battery is located in the trunk in my car. Weird.

So, he attempted to jump it. It didn’t work. Made me think it must be the starter. He said how sorry he was because he knows how hard it must be with a baby, and left.

I was texting and calling Richi for a while, but got no response.

Along came an old man who offered to help but I told him someone just tried to jump the car, and it didn’t work. He said he was sorry, and went on his way.

About 5 minutes later, another older gentleman came up and asked if we were okay, if we needed a jump, and asked if I was alright and needed anything. I told him I was trying to get ahold of my husband, but that someone did try to jump it and it wouldn’t work. He persisted to offer help but I declined. He went into the store.

About 5 minutes after that, a nice couple came up and offered to help. The man was a mechanic apparently and was used to working on lots of different types of cars. He said the person who tried to jump me probably didn’t let it sit long enough. He asked me to turn the key and try turning on my lights. I did, and he said, “Yes, it’s your battery.” His wife was sweet and offered for us to sit in her SUV in the AC because it was so hot out – but I have watched one too many Investigation Discovery episodes and although they were so incredibly kind to offer help, I always have that fear in the back of my mind so I declined and said it was okay. When I was trying to turn the key every few minutes, she offered to hold the baby as well — and, although she meant well, I of course said no — perhaps a bit too abruptly, I’m sure. It was just nice of her to be so sweet. The idea in and of itself that someone could care so much was amazing.

He hooked up the jumper cables to his SUV and into the front hood onto some part of the car (it wasn’t the battery, as the battery was located in the trunk as I stated; he said it was something or another) and then ‘gave it juice’ as he called it. It wasn’t working. He said the cables weren’t quite good enough and they were heating up. As he was trying this, the other man who was offering help before they helped came out. He once again offered to help in whatever way he could.

He pulled his SUV up behind the car, hooked up to the battery, and after about 1 minute, the car started.


At this point, we had been out in that brutal heat for about an hour. It was really hard on the baby and Alex. I was pouring sweat. But, we got the car started and watching the man and the couple high five and praise each other was amazing. These people went out of their way to help me, a perfect stranger, and didn’t give up. They sacrificed about 20 minutes of their time to help me.

I was so thankful I cried.

Faith in humanity = restored.



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