I’ve Opened Up Shop: My Two New Etsy Stores!

I am beyond excited to announce that I’ve opened up my first ever and brand spanking new Etsy stores – and I wanted my followers to be the first to hear about it! I’ve got two stores, with plans on opening a third and final store, to begin doing things I love more often and to share some of those things with the world.


The first store I opened is called MemoryOnACanvasShop. It’s a store I created out of my love for photo canvases. I began making them for myself to display in my own home, and then making and giving them as gifts once I got a bit better, and now, I am thrilled to be able to make them for others! I can create custom canvases with whatever photos you would like to display in an artistic, beautiful manner. I can also customize the edge color, make the edge of the canvas clean looking or messy edges for a rustic and vintage look as you can see in the pictures below.

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New Morning Traditions

Every morning, Baby Richi and I used to wake up, pull open the shades and exclaim, “Good Morning, Sunshine!” as we’d greet the new day with optimism and a smile. Today, though, that changed a bit. Today, he raised his little arms into the air as high as he could and he said, “Jesus!”

I’m not kidding you guys, he really did – and I nearly cried it was so sweet. So, from now on, we will say, “Good Morning, Jesus!” first, followed by “Good Morning, Sunshine!”

Other morning traditions for us are taking the dog out to do her business, while we sit on the walkway in front of the house, talking about the trees, birds, and sky.

What are some morning traditions you have with your little ones? I’d love to hear about them!

Extended Breast Feeding? Yes Please!

Little boy (2-3) with bare chest, arms up, portraitTwenty-one Months. That’s how old my youngest child is. And for 21 months now, I’ve nursed him every opportunity I’ve had. I constantly get questioned about when I’m going to stop, or why he is still being nursed, or my favorite: “What are you going to do when he becomes too reliant on you and doesn’t know how to do anything on his own? That’s what happens to breastfed babies, you know.” This sings the choir of uneducated moms who have never breastfed a baby a day in their lives.

And honestly? Oh, please. 

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Mom Bloggers: Grow Your Twitter Followers Overnight

Everyone knows mom bloggers who take their blogging profession or passion seriously want to reach as many people as possible. That’s why social media plays such an integral role in today’s blogging word. Word of mouth spreads like wildfire through social media, and I love that I can share my links one time and they make the rounds thanks to my followers sharing them with their friends, followers, and family.

Since views are important, so then is having a large follower base. Now, there are apps and websites that you can buy followers on – but…why would you want to do that? These ‘followers’ are usually a bunch of fake pages, ‘ghost’ pages, or pages that will spam and hack into your account. No thank you. Plus, my reputation as a mom blogger means more to me than to have a few hundreds (or even thousands) of fake followers.

I have found the perfect solution to the problem, though. Do you want to get real followers? Well, enter Valet.Social – the new way to market your Twitter account.

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My Life: Things Are Looking Up


a884870c293e5749d16c751fd31dad2cI am so happy to be able to sit here tonight and write such a hopeful post. With all I have going on and everything I’ve been going through, this comes as a huge blessing to me, and I am so thankful for this break in the clouds I’ve been begging the good Lord for.

I’ve been getting more work than ever over the past week when it comes to my writing career. I’ve had companies, individuals, and corporations reach out to me with offers and I’ve gladly accepted them. Granted, I’m no fool – I turned down a few offers that just weren’t my cup of tea, but the majority have been amazing opportunities. This comes at a time where I really needed the extra income! I’ve also begun a separate business as a digital marketer, after having been trained by a marketing guru in one of his master classes, and I feel confident that I am going to be able to accomplish great things with this new venture. I’m so beyond excited.

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Finding Joy in the Midst of My Pain

Hello Friends.

Good Afternoon. I’m sitting here at the kitchen table clacking away at the keyboard, Richi sleeping soundly for his one and only nap of the day, and I’ve got a cup of coffee and some roasted eggplant on a plate beside me that, although is divine, I am unable to touch much of because right now I’m honestly just too sad to eat.

I have been having such a hard time finding peace and happiness in the midst of everything I have going on with this separation. I immerse myself almost constantly in worship music, Hillsong United being that music of choice, and I belt those lyrics out as if I wrote them myself. Also, I pray. A lot. I try to do as much as I can to keep my mind and body busy all day long, but let me tell you: it doesn’t work much. And when night time comes around, forget it. I’m a wreck.

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