I’ve Opened Up Shop: My Two New Etsy Stores!

I am beyond excited to announce that I’ve opened up my first ever and brand spanking new Etsy stores – and I wanted my followers to be the first to hear about it! I’ve got two stores, with plans on opening a third and final store, to begin doing things I love more often and to share some of those things with the world.


The first store I opened is called MemoryOnACanvasShop. It’s a store I created out of my love for photo canvases. I began making them for myself to display in my own home, and then making and giving them as gifts once I got a bit better, and now, I am thrilled to be able to make them for others! I can create custom canvases with whatever photos you would like to display in an artistic, beautiful manner. I can also customize the edge color, make the edge of the canvas clean looking or messy edges for a rustic and vintage look as you can see in the pictures below.




See the texture? I love how I can re-create the canvas look over photos – it’s so much fun!

I think my favorite types of pictures to put on canvas are old family photos which I get enlarged and can even do some photo corrections with. I also have access to photo filters to create whatever type of look you are going for. All I need is a digital file of the picture and then your ideas for what you’d like, and I take it from there. Prices vary but begin at $25 for an 8×10. Keep in mind, with Christmas coming up, a photo canvas would be the perfect gift for grandma and grandpa, or a family picture to send your college student to display in their dorm room to give them a taste of home.

Organic Home Goods.png

My second shop is called Organic Home Goods. If you know anything about me at all, you know how much I adore and try my best to live an all natural, organic lifestyle as often as humanly possible. I’ve been creating my own cleaning products, bath products, and more for a while now – and they are amazing! They work just as great, if not better than, mainstream products – but the best part is, nothing in my products is artificial, harmful, or chemical laden. Everything is organic – even my cleaning products – and I stand by the quality standard I would expect from a brand if I were purchasing products.


A bath of my citrus infused cleaning vinegar for sale in the shop!

I am going to be offering so many amazing items in that store in the coming weeks, so stick around! Currently, I have citrus infused cleaning vinegar up in the store – give some a try to clean absolutely everything, from your kitchen counters, to baby’s high chair, to toys and even mirrors!

Disclaimer: vinegar based products can and should not be used to clean stone surfaces such as granite, marble and travertine; I assume no responsibility for the repercussions to your surfaces if you do choose to purchase the product(s) from my store for your home; vinegar based products work great and are pure and natural and trustworthy on every surface except stone

Currently, I have a special going: my first customer to my photo canvas shop will receive a 2-for-1 offer – meaning, I will create two photo canvases for you for the price of one! The pictures can be two different pictures, also. And once you make a purchase, you will receive a coupon for 15% off your next purchase as well!



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