He Gave Me a Leaf.

Today has been a pretty depressing day for me, and I’ve spent the entire morning crying. It’s just one of those days.

Meanwhile, my toddler is outside playing with daddy, and he runs in the house to me and hands me a shriveled and crunchy brown leaf. I immediately cried. This is the first thing he’s ever found and given me from outside. Most kids usually pick flowers. He picked a leaf. But he was proud of it, and so am I.

It’s incredible how such a small gesture could warm my heart so. It’s amazing how a teeny, insignificant little leaf could make me feel so many emotions, and pull at my heart strings.

If I would have seen it laying on the ground, it would have been like any other leaf. Meaningless, and one of many. I probably would have stepped on it without an afterthought. But because it came from him, that changed everything.

I am going to do my best to keep this little leaf safe forever. I want to have it when I’m old and remember my sweet, beautiful boy running to me with a smile on his face to bring me this leaf. I never want to lose this memory.

He gave me a leaf, and he stole my heart.


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