House Hunting is Hard!


Buying-a-House-in-MalaysiaBuying a house is a lot of work.

There is so much that goes into it all that you never knew about until you’re actually tossed into the process. There are lenders, realtors, and paperwork coming out of your ears. There’s appraisals and assessments. There’s highs and lows. There’s finding a house you are in love with, and being told you can’t have that one particular house because you can’t quite come to an agreement with the seller. There’s location, and extras that we want or don’t want. There’s just so much ‘stuff’ involved and we never really knew the full scope of it all until now.

There’s a lot of ups and downs.

We are still searching for the perfect home for our family. It’s been stressful, but also, fun. It’s given us a goal to work towards, something to be excited about. We have found a few we really like, and although we lost the first two houses we were in love with, life goes on. That just means those weren’t the houses for us. I believe God will lead us where he wants us to be. Since I’ve prayed about it, I’m sort of just going with the flow of things and he will bring us to ‘the one’ and help us know which decision is right for us!

Another really cool thing about this whole process is, it’s taught us to save money better than ever before. I don’t think we ever really did a good job of it until now. He and I make pretty incredible money together, and now we finally have budgeting and saving under control. We could do better, but we are doing pretty great and I’m proud of us!

I’m curious. How long did it take you to buy your first home after you started the initial process? How did you know that the house you bought was ‘the one’?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you have any tips for this first time home buying couple, I would love to hear them!


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