We Bought a House!

Our dreams came true. We are finally officially homeowners!

I can’t express how excited I am. Matter of fact, I am a bunch of emotions rolled into one. Happy, excited, nervous, a bit scared, overwhelmed, but mostly, happy.

I am gonna miss this house, as we have lived here for such a long time. But I know that it’s a positive change – and even though I’m not as fond of change as I once was, it’s sometimes a good thing. And if there was ever a time to buy a house, it’s now – because our baby will be able to grow up in it for the rest of his days.

I must admit, I am sad about leaving because he loves this house and it’s all he’s known. He loves his little back porch he plays on all the time, and his tortoise friend that visits every day, and his baby bunny friends that he sees outside the bedroom window every morning. He loves bird watching with me. I really can’t put into words how beautiful it is living on a nature preserve. But, along with all of the good, there are things I don’t want to remember about this place – and I won’t miss them.

I am just excited to start a new, hopefully much more positive, chapter of life. Bring on the happiness, and all the positive changes! I am beyond ready!

I am going to begin packing and donating a lot of things this week.

Here’s to home ownership! And Happy Mother’s Day to all the hard working mamas out there! ❤


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