Breastfeeding: The Final Chapter Concludes

It’s official: my little one has finally weaned from nursing.

I knew the day would come, and although I had been anticipating it, it’s something that sort of throws you for a loop and you can’t quite understand where, or what, to do from here. It’s like, all at once your body belongs to you again. Many women are thrilled when this happens – and then, there are those like me who are more like, ‘ehhh, this sucks.’

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All Is Well, and Life is Great!

Hey Everyone! Happy Rainy ☔ Tuesday!

I just had to stop by for a few minutes and give an update on life, because I am bursting at the seams! I can barely contain my excitement; life is just so fantastic!

So, we bought a house! We moved in to said house, and we LOVE it! Things with Richi and I have never been better. We are so close and so in love. I love my husband so much! I love everything about him and all that he is to me, and all that he does for me. I love him as a man, as a best friend, as a partner in this thing called life. I love spending time with him, making love to him (which, by the way, is incredible and I put sincere emphasis on it) and he can’t get enough of me or I him. I am just so thankful to have this man and I know how thankful he is for me.

The kids are great! Everyone’s health is great. Work is going fantastic! I can’t even believe how incredibly blessed we are in every aspect of life.

I feel like I’m dreaming! 😍

I guess life has a funny way of changing from the worst case scenario to the happiest moments you have ever experienced all in the course of a year’s time. This time a year ago, I was in misery. Now, I’m elated and on cloud 9!

Thankful for life, love, and happiness. To many more happy tomorrows ❤