All Is Well, and Life is Great!

Hey Everyone! Happy Rainy ☔ Tuesday!

I just had to stop by for a few minutes and give an update on life, because I am bursting at the seams! I can barely contain my excitement; life is just so fantastic!

So, we bought a house! We moved in to said house, and we LOVE it! Things with Richi and I have never been better. We are so close and so in love. I love my husband so much! I love everything about him and all that he is to me, and all that he does for me. I love him as a man, as a best friend, as a partner in this thing called life. I love spending time with him, making love to him (which, by the way, is incredible and I put sincere emphasis on it) and he can’t get enough of me or I him. I am just so thankful to have this man and I know how thankful he is for me.

The kids are great! Everyone’s health is great. Work is going fantastic! I can’t even believe how incredibly blessed we are in every aspect of life.

I feel like I’m dreaming! 😍

I guess life has a funny way of changing from the worst case scenario to the happiest moments you have ever experienced all in the course of a year’s time. This time a year ago, I was in misery. Now, I’m elated and on cloud 9!

Thankful for life, love, and happiness. To many more happy tomorrows ❤



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