Picky Eating and Toddlers



It’s inevitable: toddlers will forever be picky. At least, all of mine have been. Lately it’s so difficult getting Richi to eat anything except chicken nuggets, pizza, mac and cheese and toast. It’s seriously annoying, stressful and ridiculously exhausting – but, alas, it’s also incredibly normal.

Toddlers are, as a general rule and for lack of a better word, difficult. They have their own haughty minds, and they are the boss. What they say goes! Or, so they think.They tell you what, when and if they want something – and we all know they make it very known when they are not jazzed with something we are trying to get them to eat, or to do.

Despite all of my attempts at deliciously incorporated veggies, healthy inclusions of actual meals, and promises of fun playtime afterwards if he eats at least some of what I place in front of him, little dude isn’t having it – unless said veggies are disguised. If I give him a fruit pouch (we really love the Sprout Organics, Plum Organics, and Earth’s Best) he might eat those without a fuss. Might being the operative word. All depends on him, the day, and whether or not he’s up for the challenge of eating somewhat healthy.

This is a list of all the known foods my son will currently eat at 2.5 years old:

  • Mac & Cheese (doesn’t like the shape kind, whole grain kind or kind with added veggies in the noodles; has to be regular mac & cheese)
  • Pizza (won’t eat the crust; pepperoni is his fave)
  • Chicken nuggets (not picky about the kind…ok I lied – he hates the Winnie the Pooh ones with honey)
  • Cheese (loves string cheese but will compromise with other kinds)
  • Boars Head turkey from the deli
  • Pickles
  • French fries
  • Ranch dressing or ketchup (he eats enough of it at once for any person to feel full. Im serious)
  • Juice. All the juice. Unless I dilute it with water, then he’ll flip and all hell breaks loose
  • Chocolate
  • Fruit pouches with hidden veggies mixed in
  • Bread with butter
  • Occasionally, he will eat some Cesar salad
  • Chicken breast
  • Salmon (occasionally)
  • French toast

I also have been buying the Fruitables juice boxes, which mix fruit and veggie juices together (I believe carrot juice is what’s in it for veggies) and he loves those. In fact, he loves all juice – he’s obsessed, really. Which is a whole ‘nother problem. Getting him to drink water and milk is sometimes a struggle as well. Lord, help me.

As far as meats go, all he likes is chicken and the occasional piece of salmon. He will sometimes eat eggs, which he was once allergic to (but, of course, he has since been cleared of that allergy otherwise I would not be giving them to him) and sometimes he loves them. Other times? They’re met with a hard throw to the wall or the slick dropping them-off-the-side-of-his-tray-to-the-dog-waiting-anxiously-on-the-floor-beside-him motion, when he thinks I don’t see him – and of course I always do.

I really love my little man and I don’t want him to get any bigger, but I’m just so anxious for the crazy eating habits to level out and for him to begin eating balanced, healthy, and a few times a day at least.  And for his diet to exist of more than…well, carbs.

Ahh, the toddler years. Gotta love them.

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