I Wish: A Letter to My Toddler

Dear Tiny Turtle,

It’s Mommy. It’ 12:43 PM on Thursday, November 7th. You just fell asleep for your very much unwanted nap; but I know you needed it, and Mommy always does what she feels is best for you.

Little man, I wish you knew how much I love you. I wish you knew how much of an impact on my life you’ve made; and what an incredible imprint you’ve left on my heart. I could never in a million years have dreamed you would exist. Doctors told me you weren’t possible. Yet, here you are. I could never have imagined how incredible you would be when I carried you for all those months. You are better than any hope or expectation could ever be – and truly, I am so proud and blessed to be your mama.

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It Could Always Be Worse.

You know those days where you wish you just hadn’t gotten up out of bed? Yeah, me too. We are living in the age of stress. The information and technology age has proven to be, although helpful at times, a huge stress factor – and everything we are surrounded by on a daily basis, whether people or things, can all contribute to the feeling of overwhelm we all undoubtedly feel from time to time.

But…if you take a step back just for a minute, and re-assess your life….is it really as bad as you think it is? Are things really all that terrible?

Could it be possible that life could potentially be a whole lot worse?

Let me answer that one for you: YES. It could always be worse. So much worse.

So even in your most stressful moments today, whether its mom-ing or wife-ing, or just plain adult-ing, remember: there are people in the world who would trade places with you for just one day, because their situation is far worse off than yours.

Let this be a reminder to take those few moments and just appreciate and enjoy everyone and everything in your life that means something to you, and remember: it could always be worse.