Want More Mom Friends? Join me on Social Media!

Are you a mom who wishes she had more mom friends? I was too, until I found mom.life – an app just for moms.

I really had nobody to really talk to as a mom. I didn’t have any women in my area that I actually knew, with children, that I bonded well with. And when I was pregnant with Richi, and found this app, that all changed.

If you’d like to be my friend and converse with me more, make mom friends in your immediate area for play dates, or friends abroad, we’d would love to have you. This is a free app for women only, where you can feel safe, get to know other like minded women in your area or just to talk to in general, engage in group chats (as a matter of fact, I run two group chats myself! I run a Christian moms chat and a cloth diaper chat), share tips and get advice, recipe swap, share pics of your family and so much more!

I am mrsmccormick on the mom.life app! https://ml.app.link/Ik7KrDE5zD is where you can find and download the app on either Android or iPhone.

This is what the page will look like if you click the link above from your computer:

Page-Shot-2017-6-1 https_ ml-alternate app link Ik7KrDE5zD___branch_flow_type=deepview_tmta __branch_flow_id=39886087879555[...].png

Simply add your number, get a text with a link to download the app. It’s that simple. Once you join the app and begin engaging and making friends, you can thank me later 🙂

I hope to see you there, and I’d love to connect with you!

If the app asks, mention mrsmccormick sent you!

Have a great day!

Yes, I’m THAT mom.

Mom shaming takes many forms.

With that being said, I was recently under attack for the way I choose to parent my baby. Why, you ask? Because I am crunchy. Some would call me almost crispy. What is a crunchy mom? Well, crunchymoms.com defines a crunchy mom as such:

A “crunchy mom” is a woman on a quest for more information.  A mom who is environmentally, health, and socially conscious. She cares enough about her family to question the status quo. She recognizes that there are a variety of approaches to individual problems and refuses to be locked into a single perspective. She seeks to learn more about why things happen and tries to discover the root cause of the problems she observes.

With this knowledge comes responsibility, to our families, other moms, and our communities. When we know better, we do better. She is not afraid to speak her mind when necessary to help or protect someone. A mom who fosters a strong, positive bond with their children through natural living.

Here’s another definition from thesnapmom.com:

The definition of Crunchy:

Crunchy refers to the crunch of granola, which (as goes the stereotype) hippie-esque people are likely to eat. To be crunchy is to be along the mindset of all-natural. There’s a very broad spectrum but here are some topics associated with crunchy mommies:

Natural birthing, home-birthing, placenta encapsulating (we have a video on this), breastfeeding, babywearing, baby-led weaning, cloth diapering, ECing (elimination communication), co-sleeping, bed sharing, non or selective vaccinating, anti-circumcision, attachment parenting techniques, homeschooling or un-schooling, natural medicine (lots of probiotics), natural living, organic eating plus many more that would fall into that same train of thought…

With that being said, I practice the following in my own life:

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Review: HollyDay Designs Breast Milk Jewelry

It’s not every day I find something I am so enamored by, but breast milk jewelry as most of us know has clearly become a ‘thing’. I have taken a huge interest in these jewelry pieces due to the fact that I am a breastfeeding mama – yes, still! 15 months and still going strong with no intent on forcefully weaning or stopping until he is ready. Even though he feeds a lot less than he used to in the past, he still enjoys nursing when he gets up in the morning, before his mid-morning nap, late afternoon and before bed. There might be one dream feed in the middle of the night, and then he’s back off to sleep. So, this is obviously still a big part of our lives – and I want to commemorate our special time together as mother and son every way I possibly can. This is where breast milk jewelry comes in to play, and why it’s so special to me.

This morning I want to shine some light on a fabulous woman and her company.  Enter Holly Dayle of HollyDay Designs Breast Milk Jewelry.

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Important Update

Good Morning Everyone!

I am so sorry for my unexpected, unwanted hiatus – however, due to the fact that I had some extenuating family circumstances (none of which were good, if I’m being honest) I was unable to focus on or wrap my head around blogging for a little while.

I just had too much going on.

However; that’s over now, and now that I am able to get my head back into the game, I wanted to announce the fact that I am back!

I will be posting a few blogs between today and tomorrow – some of them review posts that have been a long time coming, some from the heart, and one just based on ponderings as a mom.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your week – and I hope you all had a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend and Mothers Day, since I wasn’t around for either of those.

I look forward to getting back into the swing of things!


I’m Not Perfect.


Hello Friends.

Today I kind of wanted to touch on something that many people really don’t seem to understand about me. Believe it or not, I’m not perfect.

That should come as no surprise, being that nobody actually is perfect – but I have had women – lots of them – tell me they look up to me, want to be like me, ask me to teach them how to be like me, and honestly praise me. While it’s extremely flattering to a point….I wish they wouldn’t.

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How I Keep Such Youthful Skin as a 30 Something Mom: A 10 Point Checklist

Hello ladies, and good morning! I hope you are all having a fantastic day today.

I wanted to come by and talk about something I’ve been questioned about time and time again. I have been told more times than I could ever count that I do not look my age, and people are always wondering how it is I keep such youthful looking skin. It’s so funny when people ask my daughter if I’m her sister – and she’s 15! I suppose there are a few factors at play, and I am going to go into a little bit of detail on them today in this post. If you’re curious and you’re beginning to approach the decade of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and more, pull up a chair and find out what it is makes my 33 year old skin glow and look more beautiful than ever before. Hopefully, you can apply some of these tips and tricks to your own life and, even as a mom, look better than ever before!


Me, at age 33, nearly 34.


Myself again, at age 33. I have to say I do have pretty great skin!

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#PutThePhoneDown Challenge


Hey Everyone.

I was sitting up before bed last night sort of going over the events from the day as I tend to do, and it dawned on me: I spend entirely too much time on my phone. I actually shook my head at myself because I never wanted to be that person. I realized I need to make some changes, and I would like to start by challenging myself to stay off my phone – unless it rings – for one whole day.

It might sound simple at first thought, but if you really think about it…how many times a day are you on your phone, checking in with Instagram and posting pics, and texting random friends or family just for fun? How many times a day are you checking your e-mail, the news, or spending countless hours lost in the whimsical, magical world of Pinterest?

Yeah, I thought so. I know I’m not the only one.

That is why I’m challenging everyone reading this, along with myself, to make this Thursday, March 16, 2017, Put the Phone Down Day. I’m giving it an extra day rather than doing it today to spread the word about the challenge. Maybe you could share this post with friends and family and we can start a movement. Maybe I encourage just one person to accept the challenge for the greater good of their family. Whatever the case may be, I hope you will join me. Think of all the minutes and hours you waste while sitting on your phone, computer, or tablet. Think of all that time you could be spending with your family, really interacting and paying attention to detail. It makes me sad when I think about how much I might have missed out on in my family’s lives because I’ve innocently sat on my phone, doing whatever and wasting time.

Spread the word! Tag #PutThePhoneDown on all of your social media and link your friends and family to this post. You never know; it could change someone’s life.

Today, I Need Strong Coffee.

I woke up and made a beeline for my Keurig. Medium roast or Dark and bold was the decision I had to make. Normally, I always stick with a bold, dark roast coffee as it suits my palate and I really feel as though it gives you that good kick in the pants you need to start your day and tackle anything life throws as you. But, lately, I’ve been drinking Gevalia’s Medium Roast because it’s so smooth, doesn’t give me an upset stomach, and I can put less ‘stuff’ in it (creamer, sugar, etc) because there is no bitter aspect to be tamed. But this morning was an exception, so I chose Dark Magic with a teaspoon of sugar and a bit of heavy whipping cream as opposed to my normal coffee creamer or milk as per usual.

Yep, bring on the day.

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