Breastfeeding: The Final Chapter Concludes

It’s official: my little one has finally weaned from nursing.

I knew the day would come, and although I had been anticipating it, it’s something that sort of throws you for a loop and you can’t quite understand where, or what, to do from here. It’s like, all at once your body belongs to you again. Many women are thrilled when this happens – and then, there are those like me who are more like, ‘ehhh, this sucks.’

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All Is Well, and Life is Great!

Hey Everyone! Happy Rainy ☔ Tuesday!

I just had to stop by for a few minutes and give an update on life, because I am bursting at the seams! I can barely contain my excitement; life is just so fantastic!

So, we bought a house! We moved in to said house, and we LOVE it! Things with Richi and I have never been better. We are so close and so in love. I love my husband so much! I love everything about him and all that he is to me, and all that he does for me. I love him as a man, as a best friend, as a partner in this thing called life. I love spending time with him, making love to him (which, by the way, is incredible and I put sincere emphasis on it) and he can’t get enough of me or I him. I am just so thankful to have this man and I know how thankful he is for me.

The kids are great! Everyone’s health is great. Work is going fantastic! I can’t even believe how incredibly blessed we are in every aspect of life.

I feel like I’m dreaming! 😍

I guess life has a funny way of changing from the worst case scenario to the happiest moments you have ever experienced all in the course of a year’s time. This time a year ago, I was in misery. Now, I’m elated and on cloud 9!

Thankful for life, love, and happiness. To many more happy tomorrows ❤


House Hunting is Hard!


Buying-a-House-in-MalaysiaBuying a house is a lot of work.

There is so much that goes into it all that you never knew about until you’re actually tossed into the process. There are lenders, realtors, and paperwork coming out of your ears. There’s appraisals and assessments. There’s highs and lows. There’s finding a house you are in love with, and being told you can’t have that one particular house because you can’t quite come to an agreement with the seller. There’s location, and extras that we want or don’t want. There’s just so much ‘stuff’ involved and we never really knew the full scope of it all until now.

There’s a lot of ups and downs.

We are still searching for the perfect home for our family. It’s been stressful, but also, fun. It’s given us a goal to work towards, something to be excited about. We have found a few we really like, and although we lost the first two houses we were in love with, life goes on. That just means those weren’t the houses for us. I believe God will lead us where he wants us to be. Since I’ve prayed about it, I’m sort of just going with the flow of things and he will bring us to ‘the one’ and help us know which decision is right for us!

Another really cool thing about this whole process is, it’s taught us to save money better than ever before. I don’t think we ever really did a good job of it until now. He and I make pretty incredible money together, and now we finally have budgeting and saving under control. We could do better, but we are doing pretty great and I’m proud of us!

I’m curious. How long did it take you to buy your first home after you started the initial process? How did you know that the house you bought was ‘the one’?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and if you have any tips for this first time home buying couple, I would love to hear them!

Be The Little White Cloud.

The weather here in South Florida is beautiful lately. I just love that time just before dusk, as the sky takes on a personality of its own. The shades strewn across the sky are vibrant, colorful, and perfected. It’s as if God himself took up a paintbrush and said, “Let there be color.”

On one such evening around dusk — as a matter of fact, it was two nights ago –I was driving home from getting my daughter a birthday present. I had the windows down, driving along slowly down the street, enjoying the beautiful 74 degrees outside. It was so peaceful and I wanted to stay locked in that moment for a little while.

I glanced up at the sky and made an observation. One half of the sky was bright, sunny, and vibrant, like it hadn’t a care in the world. The clouds were white and pillowy, and the sky itself was the deepest blue. On the other side of the sky, everything was gray as it usually is this time of year. Thunderstorms and rain storms abound throughout these months in South West Florida. Nothing major to see here. However; one single thing stood out to me. There was this one small, bright cloud contrasting against all of the scary gray and darkness. It just hung out there in the sky, as if it didn’t notice the trouble brewing just behind it. It wasn’t afraid of the storm. It just existed right there as it was, as it wanted to. Set apart. Brave. Content. Happy.

It was beautiful.

To me, it was the perfect example of the mother, wife, and person I want to be.

This world is filled with darkness, and hate, and unhappy people. It’s so easy to get caught up in negativity. It’s everywhere we turn.

If you turn on the nightly news, its filled with hate, terror, sadness, and destruction. There is war and famine. People are running for their lives. There are fires burning, volcanoes erupting. Earthquakes are occuring at an alarming rate. Murder is on the rise.

In a world filled with so much darkness, I want to be that cloud. That bright, white light against the backdrop of terror and destruction. I want to be happiness, and safety and a beacon of hope. I want my family and my husband to look to me for solidarity and safety and happiness when this world crushes their spirit or leaves them hoping for a better day.

I want to be that little white cloud. I want to stand up for myself and those I love. I want to fight back against everything that says I can’t, and show everyone that I can. I want to be brave and shine the light that lives within me, because I have so much light to give.

It’s funny how such a small, insignificant thing as a cloud could provide so much inspiration on a simple drive home from a store on a weekend afternoon. But it did. And I am so thankful I took the time to just look up.