The Mom Behind the Blog


My name is Sarah. I’m a mom – just like many of you. I have five children, a husband, and a dog. I’ve been a professional freelance writer for the past three years now, and I decided what better time than now to create a blog where I can have fun, be myself, and provide inspiration and laughter? I plan on sharing experience, advice, and much, much more here on my blog. My hope is that as many moms as possible will be touched by the words I have to say, and inspire them in different ways. I hope to build an engaging community of moms from around the world, and interact with comments and more.

I am excited to see how far I can take this blog, and how many people I can reach.

My inspiration to develop and create this blog was based on my love for writing, and my experience in which I have accumulated over the course of my 17 years as a mother. My oldest child was born when I was very young, and therefore I was forced to grow up at a very early age. Life hasn’t ever been easy, but it has been worth it. I’m no Donna Reed, but what I am is a real mom who tries her best, and goes through each day with all of the ups and downs it brings to the best of my ability. Along the way, I’ve gained valuable experience as a parent – and I learn as I go. I make mistakes. I am flawed. But, I am human. Being a parent doesn’t come with a handbook, and it’s an ever evolving learning process. My desire for this blog is to inspire, provide insight, and encouragement for other mothers in the world who need a laugh, or need somewhere to turn when the stress gets to be a bit too much.  It’s a break away from reality for myself – as well as other moms – even if just for a minute. Hence the name, ‘Just a Mom Minute’.

I am a strong believer in God, and have a close personal relationship with Jesus. I am a born again Christian. I believe this is a big part of how I’ve come this far. My faith hasn’t always been this strong – in fact, not even close to what it is now – but the point I am at now, I’m not afraid to follow him fully, proclaim what He means to me, and do the best that I can with the life I have been blessed with.



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